Local Brand Visibility

How easily is your brand found online and how easy is it for your clients to engage with you?

Increased brand visibility equates to an increase in your sales opportunities.  Your success comes from using all online foundations:Websites & SEO, Local SEO, Social Media, Mobile Engagement.  How much will your business be impacted if you do not embrace the ever changing marketing world?

Online Advertising

How are you advertising your brand, products or services?

How are you tracking the success of your advertising? Online advertising  such as Google Adwords, Display Advertising, Social Media Marketing and online video advertising ensures visibility across a larger number of your customer base than any other advertising medium. That means more sales opportunities with measurable and quantifiable results for a great ROI.

Inbound Lead Generation

Do you require new customers on a regular basis?  How are you marketing to your current clients?

Understanding the searching & buying behaviour of your potential client ensures your email marketing, e-magazines, e-catalogues and lead generation activities are targeted, specific and relevant to your potential client.  You will generate more sales with a clear cost per lead.

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What is Online Marketing?

You have a website, and a Facebook page you post regularly on so you are sorted.  Right?? Not quite! Online marketing is not just about having a great website, having a Facebook page , or being top of the rankings. It is about connecting with your customers, in a targeted and relevant way.  It is about understanding what your business aims to achieve, and what your customers are looking for. Done right, Online Marketing solutions ensure that no matter where your customers find you, you have increased opportunities to sell your products and services.

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Why should I use  a Certified Google Partner?

Online Marketing practice is constantly changing.  Partnering your business with a Google Partner means you can be comfortable we will use up to date techniques and best practice to achieve the online results you are looking for. To become a Google Partner an agency must manage a large advertising budget and maintain a high standard of completion and client return on investment. Localtag has a Google ranking to 97% (the average agency sits at 80%). And we maintain fully trained and annually certified team members to provide the best solutions for you. Your Online Marketing is in good hands with Localtag.

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Our Work

What else can I expect from Localtag?

We have an Open Approach: We tell you, straight up how your campaigns are performing, what’s working well and what is not! You have access 24/7 to data that summaries the success of your online activity. And if your campaign is not hitting the results we all expect, we review and adjust accordingly.

Innovate & Educate: We are always looking for new techniques and ways to enhance our services for you. We always start with building a solid foundation, but imagination and looking ahead is inherent in what we do. And, don’t think we will leave you in the dark….we teach you how to do what needs to be done to keep up with your own online innovation!

Business Solutions not Sales: We are not focused on selling you a product – we are committed to ensuring the right solution fit for your specific needs. If you don’t need a particular product, we will not sell it to you. Simple. If you want a trusted online partner – you have found them.

Local Business Support: Our commitment to local business goes beyond Online Marketing.  Localtag’s  Local Business Directory ‘Keep it Local Project’ showcases local businesses in your region.  Our networking groups ‘Localtag Networking X’ provide business support and referrals between members.

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Where can I learn To Do My Own Online Marketing?

Localtag is committed to making sure you understand the basics of the online marketing industry.  We believe it is important for you to be informed every step of the way, and to understand the concepts of what we are discussing. Localtag’s Online University is full of ‘how to’ guides, tips and educational tools for you to be your own online master! Knowing where to start, and how to ensure your online foundations are solid is half the battle. And remember, using an agency that specialises in Online Marketing to help you means you can take care of your business knowing you are backed up by a team focused on helping you make sales.

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Local Business Networking

Localtag is committed to helping grow prosperous local communities.  We aim to achieve this is three ways:

Online Marketing Solutions

The Keep it Local Project Business Directory

Localtag Networking X


Business networking is one of the most successful strategies any local business can engage in to fast track your business growth.  You receive business referrals from people who trust you and understand your business. And you can help your network members by referring to them.

Localtag Networking X provides you not only with increased sales opportunities, but also education on business related strategies to help you improve your knowledge and skills.  This helps you understand how you can take your business forward.

We know we get results….our customers tell us!

The Keep it Local Project initiative has definitely helped generate business. And the fact that they support local businesses become more productive and competitive is great because too many people buy elsewhere and not in their own town.

Tamara Larose

Owner, Party Shop Rockhampton

At one stage I was worried about what my competitors were doing, now with the help of Localtag it is they who have to worry about me.

Jeffrey Harris

Owner, Mr Sheds

Some businesses care about making a profit out of us, and some care about solving our problems and helping us grow.  You and your team are always interested about how we are doing, our plans and what you can do to help us get there.  It is refreshing, and I just wanted to pass my thanks to the team.

Brian Weidmann

Director, Office National Yatala

Localtag provides one on one customer service detailed to individual needs of the business….thanks for your amazing support.

Sheryle Pyatt

Owner, Couture Hair and Beaute

Local support for Local Business

We are just a call away.. Whether you want our Head Office or your Local Consultant, call today.

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