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Has your business ever received a call offering to ‘help you with your website’, ‘put you on page one of Google’, or simply to ‘use our amazing SEO services and appear on Google above all your competitors’ –? I’ll assume your answer may be – Yes? And I’ll assume it may have even been… Today? We really recommend you decline these calls – your best source for quality support for your website is by referral to specialised Google Partners Marketing Agency.

To consider using Localtag Google Partners or anyone else for that matter, while there are many quality firms and specialists operating in the SEO and Search Engine Marketing space, our experience has been that unfortunately there are many more who simply waste your time and money. Worse still, in some cases, these ‘specialists’ virtually hold businesses to ransom as they retain the keys and passwords to all assets of websites, domains and online accounts.

We know this through the experiences our customers have had prior to being referred to Localtag; they have typically had a bad experience with their website and felt that it wasn’t right until they were referred to Localtag. We recommend you speak with our Localtag customers if you’re unsure.

Some insight to what we do:

  • The first step is to for us to understand your business. What problem do you solve? what makes you different and how do customers find their way to you today? We also look at how your business appears online. There is no point in sending lots of new customers to your website only to have them stop briefly then go elsewhere. You have only 5 to 7 seconds to make your first impression online.  Sure, we work to raise traffic to your website but what is the point if your website cannot convert them to an enquiry? We first make sure your brand and your website speak to your customers and lead them toward taking action and reaching out to you.
  • Next step, we look at your market where you are competing for attention and what your competitors are doing. Your strategy must always take into account the lay of the land, where competitors are and how to differentiate your business.
  • The third step is taking action: swiftly and without over-engineering it, we test in immediate and small steps, test and move forward, adapting to how your visitors respond. It is quite incredible what can be learned in a few low-cost Adwords trial over a few days. This becomes the foundation for our working together, bringing great long-term growth, often with astounding results.

Every case is unique, but in working with you and bringing to bear our experience in both Paid (CPC, SEM, Display Ads and Remarketing) and Organic ‘Earned’ exposure (SEO, Social Media, Multi-Channel Marketing) we can weave a strategy which works AND one that you can readily understand and gain deeper insights to finding and activating your customers. Most of the time website replacement is not required.

That’s just a snippet of our approach and every case of how we help you is different, as it should be – after all, isn’t your business different?

Give us a call, drop us a line or come and have a chat on Localtag’s Facebook Page or our Google + page.  Better yet, call some of our customers first and if you like what you hear, we would love to hear from and help you too.

best regards
Pete Nicholls,

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