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Let's Target, Accelerate and Grow your Business together

Make Optimal Use Of Your Online Advertising Dollars with Localtag

  • Google Adwords Advertising for Search, Mobile, Display and Youtube Ads.
  • Facebook Advertising, including Instagram Ads if your clients are there too.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to make your website visible on Google & Bing.
  • Local SEO to also show up in the right places on Google & Apple Maps.

Attract Your Ideal Client using Targeted Services

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Integrated marketing for your industry, the MAB developed by Localtag:

  • Dental Marketing Accelerator Blueprint
  • Plumber Marketing Accelerator Blueprint
  • Electrician Marketing Accelerator Blueprint
  • Driving Instructor Marketing Accelerator Blueprint
  • Target your Ideal Clients to visit your website, using Online ads proven to work well for your industry.
  • Valuable Content from localtag helps convert visitors to become new contacts
  • New contacts are nurtured to Know, Like and Trust you and your business.
  • As contacts engage further, offers encourage them to 'try' your services.
  • Once a contact becomes a customer, communications are updated to reflect their new realtionship with you.
  • Advanced techniques identify those customers happy to refer you to others and which are less happy.
  • Reputation Management Services assist you to deal with unhappy clients and to generate happy online reviews
  • Evangelist customers help you to retain and grow through repeat business and referrals

MABs are available today for the following industries, with more in development:

The MAB makes best use of the basic tools in your Marketing Stack.

Localtag recommends the HubDo Marketing Stack for Local Business.

Marketing Accelerator Blueprints

HubDo Marketing Stacks

The HubDo Marketing Stack for Local Business

Local Business Today needs a set of integrated tools as the foundation for growing the business.

Most Businesses owners today realise the importance of having a great website yet lack the other tools to support it.

HubDo Marketing Stacks are optimised to bring you the additional tools you need, integrated to work as one system.

The HubDo Marketing Stack for Local Business contains the following optional components:

  • HubDo Portal for Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing and Publishing of content
  • HubDo Reviews for Reputation Management, gathering a steady stream of positive online reviews
  • Hubdo Mailer or HubDo CRM as your Customer Database with Email Automation, Newletters and Web tracking.
  • HubDo Delight for the Net Promoter System for a measurable way to nurture clients who will refer you to friends
  • HubDo Hosting as a reliable platform to support your Website and Email Systems around the clock.

Componts of the Marketing Stack share data and automate your tasks using "HubDo Glue"

Businesses approaching turnover of $3M or more are recommended to consider the Growth Stack to take the business to the next level. For smaller businesses, HubDo can provide you a smooth upgrade path when the time is right.

The HubDo Growth Stack featuring HubSpot

The Growth Stack contains the following core elements from HubSpot:

  • HubSpot Marketing: Grow your business with inbound. HubSpot Marketing is everything your team needs to increase traffic, convert leads, and prove ROI – backed by a support team that helps you grow.
  • HubSpot Sales: Sell in an efficient, modern, human-friendly way. HubSpot Sales brings useful information about the contacts and companies you interact with, right to your inbox.
  • HubSpot CRM: Say goodbye to manual tasks and confusing features. HubSpot CRM is a real, free CRM system that organizes every detail about your contacts and customers in a single place.

Additional items such as HubDo Reviews and HubDo Delight can be added to the Growth Stack and automated with HubDo Glue

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