Never forget what you’ve said to a prospect or client. Connect your email account with Hubspot’s CRM and get rich data on everybody you interact with.

One of the first setup tasks when getting going on the Hubspot CRM is connecting your email. Of course you can always jump into Gmail or Outlook to see every email you’ve sent with a potential customer, but it won’t tell you when they opened your last message and whether or not they clicked any links in your note…

…Ok, enough about what your email provider can’t do. Let’s talk about what your Hubspot CRM can help you do: close more deals because of greater data and context around every potential customer.

This video shows you how to connect your email account with Hubspot, allowing you to track who opens your email, how many times they’ve opened it and if they’ve clicked any links in your email. Do this sooner than later so your CRM has as much data as possible.

Watch the step-by-step video here

Need help getting your CRM connected to email?

Setting up new tools isn’t always top on the priority list. We get it. If you get stuck setting up the CRM or you’re well beyond importing contacts and need some ideas on how to build out your pipeline, schedule a time to chat.