Adding new prospects into any CRM can add hours of work to your otherwise busy week, right?

If you’re doing any serious sales that means you’re doing some prospecting. And if you’re doing prospecting, that likely means you’re using a CRM to track all of your sales data.

The trouble is that we’re all short of time and adding new prospects into any CRM can take ages. The video below teaches a shortcut to getting more prospects into your Hubspot CRM faster by using Google Sheets and Zapier.

Here’s what you’ll see in the video:

  1. How to automatically add new companies to your CRM
  2. How to automatically add new contacts to your CRM from the same spreadsheet
  3. Step-by-step overview of connecting Google Sheets, Zapier and Hubspot CRM

Watch the video here

Over to you

It’s your turn to get going. Zapier is a great tool (we’re not affiliated in any way) that can connect so many of your business process it’s silly. If you’re not using Google Sheets or Hubspot CRM, you can probably still use Zapier to make your prospecting go faster.

If you’d like help setting up what you’ve just watched, please schedule a time to chat and we’ll get you going.