Peter Preston - Gold Coast Marketing Consultant


Hi, I’m Peter Preston. I am a Hubspot Certified Inbound Marketing and Sales Consultant focused on helping ambitious businesses get more leads and close more sales.

My first experience with marketing was as a partner at a real estate appraisal firm where we put a big emphasis on technology and were one of the first businesses in our industry to focus on search engine optimisation. That was 2002 and things have changed so much for the better.

After another decade of working for Deloitte Consulting, I decided it was time to do what I love. I work with Small and Medium-Sized Businesses to build marketing systems that endear them to their customers, instead of interrupting them. I love working with a company that identifies as “the underdog with a lot to offer” and a lot to gain.

I’m proud to work with a great team who knows the ins and outs of inbound marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO) , pay-per-click (PPC), website design and development, social media and much more.

My wife, our three kids and I live on the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia, where even winter days are wonderful days. It’s a blessing to do work I enjoy, to live in a beautiful place and to help business owners build their empires.

Our aim is big ROI and I welcome you to reach out and schedule a time to chat if you’d like to know more. Click here to schedule a call or send me an email at ppreston@localtag.com.au.

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Chris Kirkpatrick Marketing Consultant Sunshine Coast


Hi, my name is Chris Kirkpatrick. I’m the Localtag Specialist Consultant for Trades and Home Services Marketing. My background begins in Tasmania where I started professional life as a Primary School Teacher. (Diploma of Teaching and Bachelor of Education)

I taught for 10 years before moving to Queensland where I started work in the Building and Construction Industry as a Contract Carpenter. I took a break from this Industry to work in the Finance Industry and established a Brokerage for Private Finance. After 5 years in this field, I went back to the Construction Industry, working for myself as a Supervisor of trades on renovation work of residential homes.

During this time I spent several years training in the Reals Estate Sector. I secured an Australian Credit Licence which allowed me to buy multiple houses to develop and move on. In association with this, I continued to work in the Building and Construction Industry untiI the end of 2015, when I and started working in Marketing with Localtag, as I have a passion to see businesses of all sizes, succeed.

Inbound Marketing is the proven way for businesses who find themselves in that conventional rut of outbound marketing to attract new leads and accelerate, then build on the base of happy customers in order to grow.

Thankfully, Localtag takes a very different approach to Marketing when compared to other marketing companies, focusing on Inbound Methodologies and the vitally important aspects of the Customer Persona and Journey.

A Certified Inbound Marketer with Hubspot, I focus on delivering World Class marketing for Trades and Home Services Businesses across Australia

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Pete Nicholls Localtag Director


Pete Nicholls is Founder and Director of Localtag. Having led Technical, Sales and Business Development teams across AU, UK/Ireland & APAC for 16 years at Cisco, Pete identified the rapidly growing complexity in Marketing Technology. Founding Localtag in 2011 Pete now leads a World Class Global Centre of Excellence supporting Industry Specialist Marketing Consultants.

Pete is a Certified Hubspot Inbound Marketer, Master Duct Tape Marketing Consultant, volunteer Mentor with QLD Govt Mentoring for Growth and APAC Regional Lead for the Duct Tape Marketing Network of over 100 Specialist Consultants led by John Jantsch, USA. Need a time to chat with Pete? You can book it right here

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